//UNBOXING / Batman: Arkham Knight – Limited Edition – PlayStation 4

UNBOXING / Batman: Arkham Knight – Limited Edition – PlayStation 4

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition – PS4



Since I bought the Limited and Collectors Editions of Batman: Arkhan Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, I thought that I would continue the trend and purchase the Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition as well.  This collection of cool Batman memorabilia fit right in with the other collections and is a nice addition to my horde of video game collectors editions.  So you will have an idea of what this collection contains, I decided to post my thoughts on this collection with nice big images so you can see the fine details.  There is a lot to show you, so let’s get to it.


Batman: Arkham Knight


When you first open the box, this is the first thing that you will see.  It is the copy of the Batman: Arkham Knight game in all of its glory and inside you will find other goodies that I will tell you about a little bit later.


Limited Edition Steelbook


Once you remove the game and pull this huge Styrofoam protection out of the outer cardboard sleeve, you have to be careful because there is nothing holding everything in.  While pulling it out, all of this stuff fell out onto my floor.  Anyway, this is the steelbook with awesome art of the newly designed Batmobile and the Dark Knight himself, Batman.  The inclusion of this steelbook is cool and the art alone makes it a must have.


Custom Art Book



Under the steelbook is the Custom Art Book which contains the beautiful concept art of the many people, vehicles and environments found in the game.  It’s a good-sized book that contains about 80 pages that is very good quality with highly detailed images.




Under the Custom Art Book is a copy of the Limited Edition DC comic book, Batman: Arkham Knight #0.  This issue is written by Brian Buccellato with art by Stephen Segovia.  The story takes place right before the events in the game.  It’s a quick read that sets the tone for the game and gives you a brief look at Batman’s state of mind as he begins his toughest case yet.


Exclusive Character Skin Pack


These are the goodies that I was referring to earlier.  Inside of the game box are four DLC codes with two of these pieces being exclusive content for PS4.  The New 52 Skins Pack gives you skins of Batman, Robin and Nightwing that you can use in-game.  The PlayStation Exclusive Skins Pack gives you two Batman costumes and a retro styled Batmobile skin.  In addition there are two extra missions, one of which is exclusive to PS4.  The Scarecrow Nightmare Mission is the exclusive and sets Batman on the heels of the Scarecrow.  You can probably guess how this will go.  The other is the Harley Quinn Story Pack which are missions in which you obtain more information on her latest antics.


Batman Limited Statue






The Memorial Statue of Batman is a bit of a dead giveaway as to how ol’ Bats is going to end up at the conclusion of the game.  Nevertheless, it is still a cool statue that actually lights up.  To turn the lights on and off, you have to remove a small building on the back of the statue to reveal a little switch.  As you can see in the images above, it makes a cool way of lighting the statue from the bottom to make it more of a tribute to Batman.  The detail on the statue is very well done and will be a nice addition to the statue that came with the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition.


Overall, this is a pretty good Collectors Edition and one that I will be proud to add to the shelf.  The Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition was $99.99 and I think that it was a decent price to pay for all of the extras that this collection comes with.  The skins are just mainly window dressing for Batman, Robin and Nightwing but the additional missions will give me something to play once I have finished my first playthrough of the main game.  The Custom Art Book is also of good quality with a hard cover and high gloss pages.  The steelbook is just a case to hold your game but you get the regular retail game case as well so that will probably just stay in the box so it doesn’t get messed up.  The best part, however, is the statue.  While I like the Statue from the Batman: Arkham City Collectors Edition a lot better, this one stands at 12 inches and it lights up so at least there is that.  If you are into getting Collector’s and Limited Editions, then you can do much worse than what Rocksteady has put together for their most ardent fans.