//UNBOXING / Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition (PS4)

UNBOXING / Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition (PS4)

Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition – PS4



Being a huge Street Fighter fan since the days of the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis, when I heard that Capcom had agreed to create a game exclusively for the PS4, I was as giddy as a school kid.  Needless to say, I knew that I would be running out to grab a copy hot off of the presses as soon as I could.  The consummate procrastinator that I am, however, I waited until the Sunday before the release to decide to head over to Amazon and see if I would still be able to score a copy of the Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition.  To my surprise, Amazon was still offering copies and I quickly placed my order and eagerly awaited the UPS lady to bring my package.  This is a very cool collector’s edition so I took a lot of pictures of what is included so that you could get a good idea of what comes in the box.


Street Fighter V


The packaging for this Collector’s Edition has some of the coolest artwork that I have ever seen on any previous CE that I have purchased in the past.  I almost didn’t want to open the box…almost.  Once I removed the sticker that was sealing the box, the above image is what you will see.  Everything is packed in well and nothing was damaged.  The main pieces of the Ryu statue are packed in the Styrofoam Brick with the game disc itself under the blue tab at the back of the box (bottom of the image).  The artbook is sandwiched in the middle, between the top half of the Ryu statue with the cards that have the bonus digital comics and SFV Soundtrack Sampler and the brick containing the bottom half of the Ryu statue.


SFV Artbook



The artbook is a really cool addition even though most Collector’s Editions of games these days include the heralded artbook.  The book sports hardcovers with glossy pages inside.  It covers all of the sixteen fighters that the game includes and gives the stats of each with several drawings to give the reader an idea of the different stages of design that the characters went through.  The book is kind of small and was a very quick read but the drawings are very colorful and helps to flesh out the backstories of the fighters.  The large SFV logo on the front cover says it all and fits in well with the other items in the collection.


SFV Game Disc



The game disc is a typical disc with the cool image of Ryu and the SFV logo printed on it as well as the “PS4 Console Exclusive Game” printed on the top right corner.  That’s probably a little salt for the wounds of Xbox One owners, I’m sure.   The game also comes with a code for one free month to Capcom Fighters on Twitch.  Go ahead and use the code if you are the first to see this.


RYU Statue – Pieces



The Ryu statue comes in five separate pieces that you have to assemble yourself.  The base, the right and left feet, the legs and the torso lock together to become one of the coolest video game character statues that I have ever seen.  The feet slide into the bottom of the legs, the legs slide into the torso and the feet of the statue has holes that pegs on the stand slides into to secure it in place.  It is very heavy and feels very substantial.  It took just a couple of minutes to assemble with no trouble whatsoever.


RYU Statue



Once assembled, I was genuinely astounded at the detail and quality that was put into this statue.  It stands a full 10 inches high and is in the same pose that is displayed in the SFV logo on the game box.  If I had to guess, I would say that it weighs a little over a pound.  The paint job is spectacular sporting the bright red of Ryu’s gloves and headband as well as the dusty grey/white coloring of his Gi.  Even his belt displays gold lettering that stands out brilliantly and adds a nice touch to the statue as a whole.


RYU Statue – Close-ups



Just so you can get a feeling of the level of detail that this statue sports, I tried to get some extreme close-ups.  The level of detail in Ryu’s hair, in his facial features and in the bulging muscles in his arms is really amazing.  The detail in the cloth of Ryu’s Gi is just as amazing and actually looks like he is standing on some windy precipice practicing his martial arts.  If you look closely, you can even see the damage in his gloves from, I’m assuming, repeatedly pounding Ken in the face.  You can even see the separate fibers in the black belt that Ryu is wearing as well as the straining tendons in his feet.


SFV Bonus Digital Content


First come, first served. Enjoy! 🙂


The final bit of goodies that you will have the pleasure to enjoy are two digital codes for some bonus downloadable content.  The first is a download code for the Street Fighter V Digital Soundtrack Sampler.  It would have been nice to get the complete soundtrack but I guess getting some of the tracks are better than getting none at all.  The second download code is for four free Street Fighter comics published by Udon and Capcom from the comiXology web site.  This set includes a few issues from some of the most revered series in Street Fighter comics to ever hit print including the issue that serves as a preview to the game.


The Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition has quickly become one of my top five CE’s of all time.  While the content of the game itself has sparked some very interesting conversations since launch day (I will leave my opinions for the game review), the content of this Collector’s Edition, while being held up by one single item in the collection, is top-notch.  The Ryu statue is such a cool piece of SFV memorabilia that it doesn’t really matter that the other pieces in the collection really don’t hold a candle to it.  You can still find the Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition on Amazon for $99.96 but if you are an Amazon Prime member, you will receive a 20% discount.