//UNBOXING / Doom Collector’s Edition (PS4)

UNBOXING / Doom Collector’s Edition (PS4)



I have been waiting for the new Doom launch since right after I finished Doom 3 back in April of 2005 on the Xbox.  When I heard that id Software was developing a new Doom at last years E3, I preorded the collector’s edition that same night.  When I saw what was actually going to be in the CE, I was happy that I did.  The statue of the Revenant piqued my interest and I couldn’t wait to add him to my collectibles case.  There is not a lot to this collector’s edition, but what you do get is worth more than the price of admission.  So, sit back, turn out the lights (not really) and check out one of the scariest pieces of gaming memorabilia that you have ever seen.


Doom Collector’s Edition – PS4

The contents of the collector’s edition come packaged in a huge block of Styrofoam to protect it during shipping.  The game and the DLC code is slipped into a slot on the side of the block.  The statue is a good size and has a lot of detail so id Software made sure to pack it appropriately.


Limited Edition Steelbook



So, this is the Limited Edition Steelbook for Doom.  As you can see, they didn’t really use the best artwork to put on the Steelbook.  The image, if you ask me, is very generic and a piece of artwork that we have seen in the past on other media outlets.  This Steelbook is supposed to be something out of the ordinary; something that fans haven’t seen before and something that really catches your eye.  As it stands, I was somewhat unmoved when I saw it initially.  The artwork on the inside of the Steelbook is very cool, however, but you can hardly see it through the white plastic that holds the codes and the game disc in place.


Demon Multiplayer Pack



Included in the collector’s edition is a code for the Demon Multiplayer Pack which gives you access to an armor set, some paints, a few logo patterns and some Hack Modules for use in the multiplayer portion of the game.  The Season Pass is not included; that card is just an advertisement that it is available.  The other card (on the far left) is the warranty information.  The DLC is a nice addition, especially if you plan on jumping into the multiplayer and getting your blast-fest on.  Considering that most people are probably getting the game for that aspect of the game, while some exclusive weapons would have been nice, this is a decent add-in.


Exclusive 12″ Revenant Statue



Now this is one of the coolest and scariest statues that I have in my personal collection by far.  The detail and the gore is off of the charts and with the realistic paint job, it looks as if the Revenant will come to life right before your eyes.  The bio-mechanical combination of elements in this statue feels very authentic and was a good choice as far as choosing the right enemy to base this statue on.  The guns that protrude over the shoulders of the Revenant look like they could pack a real punch and the face definitely means business.




The coolest aspect of the Revenant Statue is the fact that the base is lit by red LED lights that illuminates the statue from the bottom up.  In addition, there are fan blades that slowly spin in order to constantly change the angle that the light is hitting the statue making for a very spooky visual.  The LEDs are very bright and are able to cast just the right level of shadows off of the many details in the statues design.  Just take a look at the image below to get and idea of what I’m talking about.




I have to admit that this collector’s edition statue is one of my all-time favorites.  The astounding level of detail on the Revenant is unreal which makes this one a must have for your collection.  As far as the Steelbook, well, I was very underwhelmed with the choice of artwork used to decorate it.  The addition of the Demon Multiplayer Pack is a good bit of downloadable content that isn’t going to give you any advantages during gameplay, but you will be able to distinguish your character from those that didn’t get the CE.  I got my copy on Amazon for $95.99 with the Amazon Prime Membership discount (it’s normally $119.99).  If you can find a copy left, jump on it as I think it will go down as one of the sets that those who missed getting it may later regret.