//UNBOXING / Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition (PS4)

UNBOXING / Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition (PS4)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition – PS4


DICE and EA have released a Collector’s Edition to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst that may just turn out to be one of the best collector’s editions to come out this year.  The sequel to 2008s cult hit has been highly anticipated and has so far lived up to fans expectations.  As a way to celebrate Faith’s return, this special edition of the game was created to thank those fans that waited patiently for eight years to find out how she became the iconic heroine that she is.  This edition is literally packed to the gills with cool memorabilia and will definitely go down as one of the very best to add to your collection.  So, without further adieu, let’s get into it.


Collector’s Box



The box that the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition comes in is fairly huge and very heavy.  The box has a semi-glossy slip cover over the outside that shows off the cool game logo as well as a full color picture of what comes in this edition of the game.  Once you remove the slip cover, it reveals a matte black inner box that contains the contents of the collector’s edition.  The top of the box is removable and has a cutout of Faith’s logo.  Once you remove the top if the slipcase, you see the red inner portion that shows through the logo on the front.  In addition to holding all of the contents of this collection, down on the side of the box is a hidden compartment where the standard copy of the game is placed.  It was a bit of a surprise to find it there as I had pulled everything out of the box and couldn’t find the game disc anywhere.  This was a cool way to tie-in the way Faith must often hide important info in plain sight with the construction of this cool case.


Limited Edition Steelbook



The Limited Edition Steelbook really speaks for itself.  The front sports a large Mirror’s Edge logo while the back is just black with DICE written in small letters on the back.  I left out a picture of the back side because, well, there just wasn’t anything to see.  It has a glossy finish on the outside and has the semi-clear white plastic disc holder setup on the inside.  The image that shows through is the grey city-scape that has become synonymous with the Mirror’s Edge game.  I appreciated that you get the Steelbook as well as the standard edition of the game so that I can keep the Steelbook nice and scratch free and store my game in the standard edition box.


Limited Edition Lithograph & Concept Art Pieces



The Limited Edition Lithograph & the 10 Concept Art Pieces are a nice touch and presents a lot of the cool visuals that you will see in the game.  The lithograph is worthy of a nice frame if you choose to do so as it is done in a great color process that allows you to feel the tone and the mood of the game itself.  The 10 Concept Art Pieces are postcard size cards that are in black, white and red and are cool to look at once, but I doubt that you will ever come back to them unless you frame them all together.  These items felt more like filler than an essential part of the collection but they are cool nonetheless.


Temporary Tattoos


The temporary tattoos that are included in this collection are replicas of the tattoos that Faith has on her arm and the tattoo that is over her eye.  I don’t recommend that you try to put one of these over your eye, however.  The arm tattoo is a pretty good size and while it wont take up your whole arm like Faith’s does, it will span the length of your upper or lower arm.  It is also an exact representation of her tattoo and sports every digital detail.  They are done in just the black color and look really cool.


14″ Faith Statue



The 14″ Faith Statue is the Piece De Resistance of the whole Collector’s Edition by far.  At 14″ in height and weighing in at a good…well, I don’t know exactly how much it weighs but it is heavy.  It is also very well sculpted and is a high quality product.  Featuring representations of Faith as an adult and as a child as they are perched on top of what I am assuming is some rooftop overlooking the city, it is one of the best statues of gaming characters that have come out this year.  The details on each figure is astonishing as you can see from the many images that I was able to capture of if.  If you look closely, you can see highly detailed buckles, shoe strings, the wrinkles in their clothing, their hair and of course Faith’s tattoos.








Overall, this was a very cool Collector’s Edition and one that is worthy of purchasing and putting on the shelf next to your other statues.  While a few of the items were not very substantial and seemed like they were just added into the collection to fill up space, the reason you are purchasing this edition is definitely for the game and the 14″ statue of Faith.  The MSRP for this collection at launch was $199.99 but if you are an Amazon Prime member like I am, you can get it for $159.99.  It is now listed at $179.99 so if you are a Prime member you will get an even better savings.  It is still available so if you have the cash and are into collecting video game collector’s editions, then don’t miss out on this one.  The statue alone is definitely worth every penny.