//UNBOXING / Pokemon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide Collector’s Edition (3DS)

UNBOXING / Pokemon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide Collector’s Edition (3DS)

One of my most anticipated games of 2016 was Pokemon Sun and Moon and to commemorate the occasion, I splurged a little and shelled out for the Pokemon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide Collector’s Edition.  I have to admit that I was a bit late coming to Pokemon but thanks to some very close friends of mine, I was exposed to the phenomenon right as the Nintendo DS was really picking up steam as The House that Mario Built’s newest handheld console.

As soon as Nintendo and Game Freak revealed the launch date for the latest entries in the franchise, I rushed over to Amazon and placed my pre-order.  At that time, I noticed the listing for this cool Collector’s Edition and pre-ordered it as well and I am glad that I did.  Housed in a very impressive collectible Vault Edition box, this is a set that any Pokemon fan can appreciate.  Let’s get to it, shall we?



Pokemon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide Collector’s Edition (3DS)



This awesome set comes packed inside a very elegant Vault Edition box that sports a magnetic clasp to keep all of the goodness inside the vault safe.  The artwork on the vault is very nice and definitely stands out.  The vault itself is made of a very sturdy cardboard that is built to withstand the weight of the items that the set includes.  It weighs 6.6 pounds so having something that will hold up over time made me feel good about my purchase.  It doesn’t feel cheap or added as a filler piece.  I got the set right before Christmas so that is why there is a mini Frosty in the pics.


Certificate of Authenticity



The Certificate of Authenticity is the first thing that you will see once you release the magnetic clasp and open the lid of the vault.  Each set of the Pokemon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide Collector’s Edition is individually numbered ensuring you that this is an official Pokemon collectible.  There were only about 20,000 copies of this set made so this set will be one of the rarest items that Pokemon will ever do.  The certificate is printed on a parchment type paper that is emblazoned with the Pokemon Sun and the Pokemon Moon logos.


Pokemon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide


The 368-page strategy guide itself features a Special Edition soft-touch dust jacket which showcases exclusive Pokémon artwork.  In addition, this is the hardcover version of the guide that will fit in nicely with the other hardcover versions of the strategy guides that have been released for the earlier Pokemon games.  The pages are of course full-color, glossy affairs that give you all of the info you need to make it through the game as well as all of the other goodies that fans have come to expect in a Pokemon game guide.


Pokemon Removeable Decals



I know that the image isn’t the best, but if you look closely you can see the included removable Pokemon decals.  The white decals come affixed to white backing paper with a see-through protective cover on the front.  The cool feature is that you can place and replace the decals as you see fit and they will continue to stick.  I haven’t decided where I am going to stick mine but I have a few good ideas.


Lithograph Set



The lithograph set comes packed into an islands influenced style protective sleeve.  Inside you will find not one, not two, but eight lithograph cards featuring all new artwork created just for this set of some of the characters that you will encounter in the game.  These cards are made of a high-quality, glossy card-stock that would make framing these pieces a must.  The colors are bright and fun and the artwork is gorgeous.


Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Art Bookmark



Under the lithograph set, you will find the next three items that are included in this amazing collector’s edition.  The Pokemon bookmark, the roller ball pen etched with the Pokémon Sun and Moon logos, and the Alola Region Trainer Passport help to take this set into a category all its own.  The Pokemon Bookmark is a full-sized representation of the bookmark that you see in the game.  It is printed on a quality card-stock showcasing the beautiful pixel art with an actual tassel attached to one end.


Roller Ball Pen



Next to the bookmark, you will find the exquisite roller ball pen that is etched with the Pokémon Sun and Moon logos in a classic silver color.  This is no cheap writing stick.  It has a little weight to it and it feels amazing in your hand.  It actually writes like a dream and I must admit that next to the guide itself, this is my favorite piece of the whole set.  I don’t plan to use this fancy pen that often as I definitely plan to keep it looking and working just like new.


Alola Region Trainer Passport & Region Decals



Next to the pen is the Alola Region Trainer Passport that is tucked inside this cool folder along with decals of the 16 regions in the game.  Inside, the folder has a pocket that holds the decals and another for the back cover of the Trainer Passport.  The passport is made to look like an actual U.S. Passport with the appropriate embellishments of course.  You can place the decals on the pages of the passport as you reach them in the game while noting the date and time of your arrival.


Hardcover 240-Page Journal



Included in this Collector’s Edition is a 240-page hardcover Travel Journal that you can use to chronicle your journey through Pokemon Sun and Moon.  You can also, if you wish, use it to record your thoughts for the day or whatever strikes you.  The journal is also of very high-quality with a faux leather outer cover that is embossed with some very niece original Pokemon artwork.  Inside, you will find a sturdy stock of lined paper pages and a ribbon page marker.  To keep the cover securely closed from prying eyes, there is an elastic strap that you can wrap around the front to keep it closed when not in use.


Poster Map of the Alola Region



And lastly, we’ve come to the double-sided poster map of the Alola Region.  This is a very large poster (I’m not exactly sure of the dimensions; maybe 3′ X 4′) and would look great under glass in a nice frame; or you can just use it to find your way while playing the game.  It is a full-color poster that features hand-drawn artwork and follows the tradition of the Pokemon strategy guides containing a removable map, although this one is about five or six times bigger than in previous releases.


Overall, I have to admit that I was very impressed by this Collector’s Edition.  The guide itself is one that I would have bought all on its own if the CE was not available, but to have this set as an offering to fans of Pokemon was a YUGE delight for me.  The sturdy vault box that holds everything seemed like a gift from the gods.  The poster map, the bookmark, and the pen are all items that you can actually use while you are playing the game.

In addition, while it could be argued that the decals, the Travel Journal and the Trainer Passport are all fillers, I just didn’t care that much to ding this set for their inclusion.  Everything comes together to create a Collector’s Edition that the Pokemon brand has never seen in the States before.  As an Amazon Prime member, I only paid $76.24 for my set but the LP is $129.99.  You can grab one of the remaining limited run sets on Amazon right now for $79.25.  Remember, only 20,000 of these were made so they surely wont last long at this awesome price.