//Grading the Big 3 at E3 2017

Grading the Big 3 at E3 2017

So, another E3 has come and gone.  I am always excited for this time of the year because it allows me and everyone else that loves video games to get a glimpse of the great games and consoles that will be hitting store shelves in the near future.  Once the booths are torn down and the developers head back to their studios, those of us who have watched every single second of coverage must then decide who were the winners and who were the losers.

Usually, the winners are the ones that have listened to their respective audiences and have tried to incorporate their suggestions into the new products and games that they have slated for release.  The losers are usually those that are tone-deaf to their audience and insist on trying to tell them what they want.  In that spirit, I have decided to grade Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo on their respective Press Briefings taking into account the number of games presented, the number of exclusive titles and the overall appeal of the show itself.

In the order that the big three hosted their shows, here are my grades for their presentations at E3 2017.



E3 Microsoft Press Briefing


In the past, Microsoft has been accused of showcasing everything including the kitchen sink at their Press Briefings.  This year, however, I think that they did a great job listening to their audience and came out swinging for the fences.  In total, they showcased a whopping 42 games with 22 of them being exclusives.  From Forza 7, Metro Exodus, and Assassins Creed Origins to Tacoma, Cup Head and Crackdown 3, Microsoft has a bevy of games coming out that Xbox fans have been clamoring for.  Other than the reveal of the release date and the name of the Xbox One X, Microsoft focused solely on games, games, games.  Mind you, 19 of the games that they showed were in a montage celebrating the accomplishments of the ID@Xbox program, the games coming out for the console is reason enough for anyone to run out and pick up an Xbox.

Grade:  A+


E3 Sony Press Briefing


E3 2014, 2015, and 2016 were blockbuster shows for Sony and it showed why they are currently leading the pack when it comes to console sales, popular exclusives and a following unlike any other in the gaming universe.  However, I think that Sony rested on their laurels this year and just didn’t live up to the level that Sony fans know that they can hit.  Sony showed a paltry 17 games during their press briefing this year with only a hand full of those being exclusives.  They also wasted time showing VR games that weren’t so much games but glorified tech demos.  While I can admit that VR has promise, there still is no definitive experience out there on any of the VR systems that are worth shelling out the enormous amounts of money needed to own one.  While Detroit: Become Human, Destiny 2 and Days Gone wowed the audience, there just wasn’t enough substance in their show this year to warrant a good grade.

Grade:  C-


E3 Nintendo Press Briefing


Nintendo is of the mind that they are not in competition with Sony and Microsoft.  The reality of it is that no matter how hard they try to believe this, it’s just not true.  Gamers regard then as the company that started the video game craze in the United States even though they try to ignore this fact.  The Nintendo Press Briefing was really odd to me with Reggie Fils Amie waxing poetic about what video games means to their audience.  What I kept wanting to scream at him is that they need to stop trying to tell their audience what they want and just listen to them.  Their show finally gave us a good look at gameplay in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, but it was only 24 minutes long and only showcased 10 games.  To top it all off, they announced Metroid Prime 4 and an RPG Pokemon game for the Switch, but had no gameplay to show whatsoever.  What?  The best thing they had to announce, other than SMO of course, was a new Kirby and Yoshi game which is coming sometime in 2018.

Grade:   D