//Open beta announced for Gundam Versus

Open beta announced for Gundam Versus

Bandai Namco’s new Gundam game, Gundam Versus, is going to get a Beta starting September 2.  The Beta will start at 3 AM Eastern time on September 2nd and will run until 3 AM on September 4th.  It’s not a long time, but it should be enough time to decide if the game is for you.


Gundam Versus


The best part is all PS4 players will be able to participate even if they are not PS Plus subscribers.  Though of course after the full game releases players will need to subscribe if they want to play online.

Those who are interested can start pre-loading the beta on August 29th.  The Beta will include 94 Mobile Suits, all of which are classified as Striker units.  It will also include a variety of online and offline modes.  Though Bandai Namco has not said which modes those will be yet.

Gundam Versus will be launching on the PS4 on September 29th, so if you do enjoy the beta you won’t have to wait long to continue playing.  The full game will feature over 90 Mobile Suits coming from 17 different Gundam series and will allow up to six players to compete against each other online.

I don’t know much about the source material, but I’m all for giant mech battles, however.  The fact that I can try the game out for free means I will definitely give it a try.  Let me know what you guys think if any of you out there also give it a try.