//The Gamers Couch is looking for staff writers and contributors

The Gamers Couch is looking for staff writers and contributors

TGC is looking for staff writers and contributors.

If you took a look at the above image and a smile immediately appeared on your face as well as a strong sense to dig up your old rigs and power them up and play an old favorite then you are exactly the person that The Gamers Couch is looking for.

At the moment, we are a very small site with just two full-time writers and one part-time writer but we have grand ambitions and want to become the place where people who love games can come and find some informative, entertaining and fun writing about the past-time that we all love.  To do that, we need more people who can use their own style to create outstanding quality content.

We need more staff writers and contributors in order to cover more of the events that happen in the gaming world such as the large amounts of press releases that are pushed out daily, many of the games that release weekly and the numerous personnel changes and studio closures that inevitably happen on any particular day.  We want your take and your insight on those events that interest you and our loyal readers in the gaming community.

If the above description represents you, then we have a seat open for you on The Gamers Couch.  You need to be able to write almost daily or at least twice a week and it is on a voluntary basis.  You can find all of the details on our Become A Writer page so check it out and then drop us a line.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

David Logan  –  Author/Editor